Classifications of Storage Units:

Getting a storage unit doesn’t take a lot of effort, but there are several different types of storage units available to suit your needs. Whether you want a unit that is climate controlled storage or just some place to store your baseball memorabilia collection, people everywhere use storage units to organize and hang on to valuables without taking up space at home. Offices also use units for business storage and hanging on to important files. These are some of the options broken down to help you decide on what’s best.


1.Outdoor Storage:
These are the most common types of storage units that you see, and they are also the most affordable. These are typically not climate controlled storage units, but they do offer 24/7 access and security. When you store items in these conditions, they should be able to withstand heat, moisture and cold. If you have valuables that are sensitive to the elements, you probably should look into indoor storage options.


2.Indoor Storage units:

Large warehouses or 10-story buildings often contain indoor storage units. These are climate controlled storage options that usually range in size depending on what you want to store. They also have the most security as you’ll need a pass code to get into the building or a key card. If you have items that don’t do well in extreme temperatures, indoor storage is the way to go. You can store all types of paintings, furniture, wood, plastic products and valuables in indoor self storage.

3.Business Storage Units

When you own your own business, there are a variety of things that you want to move around in the office. You may not want to keep older files in the builder, or you just want to keep spare furniture elsewhere. It’s important that you always have a clean office that’s removed of any clutter. Many storage facilities offer some type of business storage plan, where you can even get standard file boxes to help you store items.


  1. Climate Controlled Storage

As stated earlier, most indoor units are climate controlled, but there are a few companies that also have outdoor units with climate control capabilities. Extreme weather and temperatures can wreak havoc on your belongs. Getting a climate controlled storage unit protects against:

Cracking, splitting and warping

Yellowing, corrosion and rust

Mildew, mold and other bacteria

Bugs, rats and other pest infestations

If you have more delicate items such as photographs, musical instruments, business equipment, inventory, computers, wood furniture or other antiques, it’s best to select a climate controlled unit.

Other Storage Units:

1.Boat Storage

Storage units can go up to over 200 square feet depending on what you want stored. For boats, water sports vehicles, and other aquatic equipment, it’s makes sense to have a big storage unit with a lot of space and security. Some storage companies may even offer special boat storage options and features.

2.RV Storage

When you’re not on a road trip, you don’t have to worry about where to park your RV. You can keep it in a large storage unit with all of your other road trip equipment and gear. Storage units can fit small or full size RVs.

3.Truck and Car Storage

If you plan to go out of the country or you just don’t have space in your garage, you don’t have to get rid of your car. You can opt for a cheap storage rental with a lot of space. You can store most full size cars, trucks and other vehicles in storage units.

There are a lot of other uses for storage units. For example, people who are moving to college often have a lot of stuff left back home. If they don’t want it to get thrown out in favor of a new arts and crafts room, they need to purchase college storage. An affordable storage unit is ideal for these types of situations and much more.

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