4 Questions To Ask Your Suppliers

As you seek out places to provide parts and services for your business, remind yourself that it’s best to be sharp and inquisitive. This is your future, and you’ll want to secure the best providers and solid rates. With that in mind, as you interact with contacts, feel free to interview them, asking about policies, production and warranties. Here are 3 pivotal questions to ask each location.

Are You EPA Compliant?

Many of today’s consumers express interest in companies that put the environment at the top of their list. As you work with your vendors, discuss how they use technology to prevent oil spills, reduce energy and recycle materials. For example, oil water separators north carolina attempt to reduce chemical exposure, improving machine discharge. Is the business using items such as these? 

Are Payment Schedules Flexible?

Okay, suppliers need their revenue too; however, they can at time work with your store to provide additional extensions in payment. Should you run into a rough patch, this may just help you keep sales going. On the flip side, the same group could allow you to pay in advance, offering discounts for early receipt; ultimately, this proves in your favor, keeping the costs low and improving profit margins.

Do You Have Liability Insurance?

Life happens, but when items fail, you’ll need help, especially if it’s not something you produced directly. Let’s say you created a new toy for kids; however, as the little ones begin to play with it malfunctions. Your design worked, but the part itself was problematic, falling on the shoulders of the manufacturer. In cases such as this, the problem falls to the vendor who should have liability insurance. Don’t hesitate to ask for copy of that paperwork. It’s best to cover your bases. 

Questions are a good way to find out the information you need. Keep a list handy at all times, and, if you aren’t satisfied, locate another place.