What You Need To Know about Roof Construction Safety

Roof construction carries some risk due to the heights and angles at which contractors need to work. There are many standards and regulations in place to ensure safety on the worksite. Here’s what you need to know about roof construction safety.

1. Follow OSHA Safety Standards

The Occupation Safety and Health Administration provides a set of safety standards for roof construction and repair. To ensure your workplace is as safe as possible and meets legal requirements, you must follow these roofing construction standards. These standards include general construction site safety such as providing safety training protective equipment free of charge to anyone working on the site.

2. Keep the Worksite Hazard Free

Make sure the floors of the worksite are dry to prevent slippage. Keep the ground and floors free of obstruction and post clear signs so people know where it may be dangerous to walk. Keep any hazardous equipment or materials that are necessary for the job covered and out of the way until they’re needed. Clearly label all materials and equipment and only allow those who are qualified to move or use them.

3. Reduce the Risk of Falling

Whether you’re doing roof construction St Charles County MO or in Montgomery County PA, there will be a risk of falling to contractors working on the roof. There are safety standards in place and tools available to reduce the risk of falling. You must provide guard rails and/or toe boards to guard holes or open-sided platforms and slopes. Provide handrails, safety nets and safety harnesses. Keep hazardous equipment and tools away from the work area so employees don’t fall on them if they do fall. If equipment must be kept close to the workplace, cover or guard it to protect employees.

Make sure your roofing contractor has a good safety record and follows roofing and construction safety standards.