Keep Your Tile Roof Clean

Tile roofs are known for their beauty and durability. This common Florida roof type can have a long and problem-free lifespan if properly cared for. One of the simplest ways to maintain the charm and integrity of your tile roof is to maintain it and keep it clean.

Is Roof Cleaning Worth It?

Tile roofs can last for 25 to 50 years or more. Although they require limited maintenance, periodic cleaning and inspection can go a long way to prolonging the life of your roof. A clean roof will also enhance the curb appeal of your home or business.

  • A Clean Roof Is Worth It. Make no mistake, a clean tile roof not only restores the original look of your roof, but it will also increase the value of your building. Maintaining a clean roof extends its useful life for many years and will save you money.
  • Only A Certified Roofer Should Walk On Your Roof. Do-it-yourself roof cleaning or hiring an inferior contractor is a recipe for accidents. They can happen both to you and your roof. Only work with an insured and certified contractor. They need to know exactly what they are doing on your roof.

Florida Roofs Need Periodic Maintenance and Cleaning

Roofs that are cleaned and maintained on a fixed schedule can last twice as long as those that have no regular care. For this reason alone, you’ll want to have your roof professionally cleaned. When looking for quality roofing Daytona Beach, you want well-rounded professionals. Make sure the firm you choose has a history of delivering high-quality work and been in business for at least several tens of years. You’ll also want to make sure that the firm provides you with a detailed cost estimate before they start any work. The estimate should be free of charge and carry no obligation.