Sewer Line Trenchless Repair

Repairs around the home can be a fun do-it-yourself project, while others are just a pain to complete. A squeaky door hinge can be fixed within a few minutes, while a broken washing machine may take days. These are all routine repairs that any homeowner can do.

However, some repairs are so detrimental to the health of the home a set of professionals must do them. Such as total roof remodel, foundational repairs, or sewer line repairs. When a sewer line needs repair, it will cause stress and inconveniences in the home. It’s best to understand what steps to take when a sewer line needs repair.

What Is A Sewer Line?

In America, there are public sewer systems and septic systems. Four-fifths of American households are connected to a public sewer. The main sewer line connects all the plumbing in the home, such as toilets, sinks, and tubs. The sewer system is connected underground, which runs a pipeline through the yard.

The waste travels in a downward motion into the public sewer system. If there is damage to the pipe, it must be repaired immediately, or the entire home’s plumbing cannot be used. Some people may not even realize that their sewer line is damaged. It’s essential to keep a close eye on reoccurring signs within the home.

How To Know If It’s Broken

There are plenty of signs to watch out for to know if the sewer line is broken, such as:

  • Odor – you will begin to notice a foul scent that releases from the drain. This can occur at anytime, but typically after water is sent through the pipes. A gurgling noise usually accompanies the smells. The noise is gas escaping from the sewage line and making its way up the main pipeline.
  • Clogs – clogs will not go away. Usually, a plunger is successful in unclogging sinks or toilets, but the clog will not go away if there is damage to the pipe. No matter how many times a plunger is used, it will continue to clog.
  • Water stains – if you have a basement, the water from the damaged pipe will appear around the walls, in cracks, or on the ground. The water is backed up and finding ways to escape.

What To Do With A Broken Sewer Line

Sewer lines are essential for the community. The public sewer system prevents disease and water contamination. So we must do our part to keep it healthy. However, many methods to repair the broken sewage system resulted in the complete gutting of the front yard. A repair that large will be costly and turn your lawn into a mess.

A popular repair method is known as trenchless sewer repair. This method is a revolutionary technique that places a new pipe inside the broken system. The practice does not require any digging, which saves your lawn from being uprooted. It’s essential to have this done by a professional team if you are looking for San Diego trenchless sewer repair. Do not ignore the warnings signs and, at the very least, get an inspection of the plumbing done. Don’t wait and get repairs today