Three Rules for to Keep Your Newly Refurbished Kitchen New

Now that your kitchen refurbishment is complete, you have to keep it like new for a long time. You will have to put in some efforts to do that. Most importantly, you will have to draw new rules that everyone has to follow so the shine and freshness of your newly refurbished kitchen remains intact for many years to come.

Rule 1: Cleaning Happens Instantly after Cooking

It does not matter whether you have prepared a cooked dish or just some cold salad, you have to do the cleaning right after completing your task. When you wait for a long time before cleaning things, you end up with stubborn stains that won’t go away at any cost. At the same time, taking too much time in cleaning things causes bad odours in the kitchen as well.

Rule 2: No New Purchase until There Is Space

One of the biggest issues that people face in their kitchens is of congestion. You have so many items yet so little space to store those items. The biggest issue is your impulsive shopping that compels you to buy things even when you do not have enough space. Now that you have refurbished the kitchen, you can’t even use refurbishment as an excuse to buy new stuff that does not fit in right now.

Rule 3: What Comes out Goes Back Where It Came From

Yet another challenge people face in their kitchens is when things start to switch places. Usually, you only have these rules applying to spices, sugar, and salt i.e. these things go back where they came from. However, you have to apply to this rule to every single item that comes out of the drawer, shelf, cabinet, etc. You don’t want to discover knives coming out of the drawer that you have allocated for dishes only.

If you can make the people in your house follow these rules strictly, you can pave way to making your kitchen look like new for many years to come.