Modular Kitchen Maintenance

For most people investing in a modular kitchen brings with questions regarding maintenance. In many ways, maintaining a modular kitchen is like maintaining any other kitchen. Old cliches like ‘a stitch in time save nine’ and ‘a little deed goes a long way’ all spring back to life in a very pertinent manner. Ticking little chores off a checklist which you would anyway do goes a long way. Part one of this article deals with a small list of the ‘obvious’ checklist to care for modular kitchens. 1. Wipe down counter-tops Anyone who has ever cooked in a kitchen in their lifetime would know that a simple wipe down after cooking session goes a long way. The best way to remove stains and dust is to ensure that they don’t stay for long in the first place. Tip: Having a small spray bottle with some water or a sae cleaning liquid to handy near the cooking area would greatly help the wipe down process. If nothing else the entire work station which is the most visible and the most used part of any kitchen is maintained almost on its own by adopting this process. 2. Cutlery Conundrum Some types of cutlery are more prone to staining and these stains are harder to get out. With regard to wooden cutlery part of the charm is that the colour morphs with time. This is true o chopping boards, salad bowls and some serving spoons. However, the rest of the cutlery in your modular kitchen must have stains on them. Solving this issue begins with choosing the right cutlery in the first place apart from this making specific note of the ones prone to staining and retaining grime and cleaning them with warm water as soon as possible goes a long way in not only presenting a good picture before guests but ensures that such cutlery do not make other storage spaces such as drawers dirty. 3. Cook-tops’ Conundrum Cook tops are generally wiped down at the end of each day. It may not make sense to do it after every cooking session but if it is possible, nothing like. The simple logic being that younger stains are easier to clean and do less damage to the appliance in the long run. Cook-tops and hobs do not come cheap and they are integral to all modern kitchens in Bangalore. They must be accessible at all times of the day and must function well. An inefficient cook-top will render the entire kitchen useless. 4. Rugs and Napkins Having towels and napkins to hand makes life easy. This everyone knows. The simple thing of purchasing 3 or 4 sets for your modular kitchen and rotate them on a daily basis. Never use the same set two days in a row. This goes a long way. Use the towels liberally all day long and just throw them in the laundry. Paper towels just don’t cut it; especially if you’re a heavy duty user of your modern kitchen. Also paper towels are not as environmentally friendly and cloth towels/napkins. 5. Refrigerator A refrigerator is deceptive especially when it is fully stocked. Inculcating a siple habit of wiping down the shelves between when the stocks are cleared and re-stocking goes a long way to ensuring that whatever is taken of the refrigerator is clean can be placed on the counter-top or cooked with straight away. It is a time saver for sure. 6. Chimney Using a vacuum or other recommended equipment to clean out the chimney once every 6 months is mandatory. Call in professional help once a year to ensure that fumes are not retained for long periods of time in the kitchen. Fumes leave residue, making the entire kitchen untidy. Apart from this, fumes in the kitchen are not always healthy especially when they start to accumulate. It is a health issue too. Modular kitchens in Bangalore and other urban areas of the country are growing in popularity. Some of the hesitation is regarding the maintenance of the kitchens. Not to be feared. They are built to used comfortably; the good ones at least. Some basics will always need to be tended to, no matter what the kitchen design, and modular kitchens are the same.