4 Basic Interior Design Tips for Budding Beginners

Whether you are planning on redecorating or even redesigning one or more rooms in your home, for people with little to no experience in matters of interior design, it can be more than a little overwhelming.

So, if this sounds like you, then you have clicked on the right article because the following are five basic interior design tips for budding beginners.

1.   Get Creative on Your Walls

One of the first mistakes amateur designers make when planning out their new, dream layout for their living room, for example, is to assume that a painted wall in a contrasting color or shade to the other three automatically constitutes a focal point.

In reality, it takes more than just a contrasting color to make your new layout ‘pop and from whimsical wallpaper, your children’s artwork, or indeed, several floating shelves displaying souvenirs form your travels over the years, let your creativity flourish.

Even though interior designers pay close attention to the trending colors, shades, and patterns currently in fashion, they also know and truly appreciate the value of injecting the homeowner’s tastes and stylistic preferences.

2.   Introduce Indoor Plants

The seemingly endless scope of possibilities when introducing indoor plants into your spaces knows no limits and the true beauty of bringing the outdoors inside your home is that you can add dainty, fragile pink petals in the bedroom to induce calm and simultaneously dramatic freestanding plants in the dining room.

Just a selection of easily sourced plants, all of which are known to naturally thrive living indoors, include the following:

  • Peace lilies in the bathroom
  • Aloe vera in the kitchen
  • Heart leaf philodendron in the bedroom
  • Bamboo in the office
  • Norfolk Island pine in the living room

3.   Consult the Experts

The next suggestion for people wanting to inject a level of style and sophistication into homes but are unsure of where to begin is to bite the bullet and consult the experts.

Renowned and established interior designers such as those representing Ligne Roset Bromley have a wealth of combined experience and knowledge which you can use to your advantage when planning your brand-new interior living spaces.

Even if you then decide to go about your redesigning project alone, the information and insight you will gain from consulting with the experts will be genuinely invaluable.

4.   Use Focused Lighting

The fourth and final fundamental interior design tip for beginners is in the context of lighting.

Lighting can make the absolute world of difference to how stylish and elegant a room can look and is a huge contributor to the overall warmth and ‘flow’ of any room in your home, from the bedroom to the downstairs lavatory.

Gradient lighting is an affordable yet effective choice, especially to aid the transition from a functional living room in the day and a more relaxed and intimate vibe in the same space at night.

In addition, you should also consider replacing your overhead ceiling light with table and floor lamps, to help direct the eye and focus the light into certain areas of the room.