Quality Waterproofing – Finding the Right Service, Not the Hardest Sell

Waterproofing your basement is an excellent idea. After a flood, it is too late to save your valuables; taking the time to find and install quality waterproofing before disaster hits will save money and heartache. However, there are a number of services available, and most consumers do not know how to rate the quality of the services they offer. What makes the decision more difficult is the fact that waterproofing services are offered by some companies who are known for their heavy handed sales, which sometimes result in the consumer ordering under pressure and receiving substandard service. Be wary of signs of the heavy sale, and stay focused on the value of the service offered.Both Decision Makers Must be PresentSalespeople for companies who focus on sales rather than service will insist that both decision makers be present for the initial consultation and quote. This is because their salespeople are pressured to gain sales on their first visit. A valuable quote from a reputable company will be willingly given with only one spouse present. There should be no pressure for the consumer to make the decision without shopping for additional quotes.Set Aside Two Hours for The Consult and Quote

An inspection for quality waterproofing takes about a half hour, perhaps a little more if you have questions. The extra time is requested to give the salesperson time to overcome your objections and seal the deal that day. They may have special deals that expire that day; do not trust these. It is important to save money, but any time you are expected to make a decision like this in a single afternoon, without the opportunity to research the company or consider competitors, you should be concerned.The Next Greatest Deal Ever – Once you have effectively turned away the heavy-handed salesperson, you will likely hear from him/her later that day or the next with an even better offer. This could be because of an inventory issue, or perhaps, he went to his superiors and asked special permission to offer you this “one-time deal.” Investing in having your basement waterproofed is a big decision and it should not be reliant on the hard sale of one company.In order to make the right decisions in finding a company to provide quality waterproofing, research a few companies that work in your area. Talk to neighbors and friends who have sought services, and check the Better Business Bureau. Set up consultations with a couple of different companies based upon your findings. For reputable companies, a consultation and quote will only take a half hour. Talking to two or three representatives in your area and taking the time to educate yourself on the topic of quality waterproofing will ensure that you are getting quality work done at a reasonable price by a reputable company. This does not guarantee that you will get the lowest price, but the lowest price is most likely an indication of substandard work or materials.