How to Start a Lawn Care Business

If you like the idea of being your own boss and Start a Lawn Care Business and gardening business, there are some things that you need to know and apply in the first place. It is not as easy as buying a lawn mower and mowing the lawn. There are many other things to consider that may or may not be right for you. This article will give you directions on what you need to know and how to go about how to participate successfully in this business.


  1. Find some equipment that is needed to start using in this industry. Maybe you already have the necessary equipment in order to maintain your own lawn or you can borrow from someone who is willing to help you get started. The main elements that are needed to get to are, first and foremost, a lawnmower, grass cutter, sidewalk edger and leaf fan. They do not have to be a new quality or high brand. In fact, it would be better to look for used or cheaper equipment, since it has just started, and more than likely you do not have much to spend in the first place. You also need a way to load with all your gear back for a vehicle with towing capacity and a small trailer for buying your equipment from a lawn for the next one is ideal. Remember, you just need something to get you started. The good team will come later.
  2. Keep your own lawn maintained in a clean and orderly manner. This will be your centerpiece, and if someone needs a visual reference, let your own lawn serve as a means of advertising.
  3. Register your business with your county court to receive a business license. This is not usually an important but necessary expense. Check with a local insurance company to see about the coverage of your business with some type of umbrella policy. Being insured is a selling point for your business.
  4. Advertising of your business. Look to the local newspaper for advertising opportunities in the classifieds section. Get some magnetic signals made to your vehicle that shows your name and phone number companies. Recommend to your acquaintances that you are now in the lawn care and gardening business for yourself and would appreciate any kind of word of mouth advertising they can do for you.
  5. Create a billing system to keep up with collections and expenses. Word processing software is easily available in almost any office supply store. Establish some type of schedule with your clientele during the high season months of the year, usually once a week or every two weeks.
  6. Do the job correctly the first time. Redone, because something has been lost are harmful to your business. Go out of your way to make the customer feel that they have received most of their money, and if you make them feel like every time they do a job, they will get a lot of repeat business.

How to Water the Lawn

Traditionally, this herb has always been watered with sprinklers. If it is watered during the day, part of the water evaporates without being used. For this reason, smart and efficient water saving systems are gaining ground. The most elegant solution, which is more or less standard for professionals, is the emerging sprinklers. Currently there are many landscape gardeners who design the layout of these sprinklers. Investment in this type of system provides peace of mind and security for years, and allows grass owners to water the grass with the push of a button or by using a watering programmer. However, those who prefer traditional sprinklers can find varieties in specialized stores and configure them precisely according to the shape and size of the lawn in question. As a result, only the lawn is watered; Not half of the whole garden. The best time of day to water, according to agricultural scientists, is very early in the morning between 3 and 6 in the morning. If you do not want to get up early to perform this task, you can use a timer or a watering computer.

How to Fertilize the Lawn

When cutting the grass, it also extracts nutrients from the lawn: for every kilo of cuttings you are eliminating about 30 grams of nitrogen, 20 grams of potassium and 10 grams of phosphorus. It is necessary that you replenish these nutrients. Decorative lawns need less fertilizer than lawns that withstand many footprints or high pressure. In general, the lawn should be fertilized every four or five weeks from March to April, ending with a final fertilization in the fall to prepare the grass for winter in early or mid-September. However, there are currently considerable differences due to the introduction into the market of long-term lawn fertilizers and special autumn fertilizers. As mentioned above, it is necessary to take into account the manufacturer’s information printed on the lawn fertilizer containers. This information can also help answer the question of whether you can use a compound fertilizer instead of a lawn fertilizer. Observe the proportion of the compound fertilizer mixture – nitrogen: phosphorus: potassium. For the lawn the ideal ratio is 10: 3: 3-5.

Cutting Technology

There is an ideal cutting technique. We have already discussed this topic partially in the section of length of cut: little and often it is better than everything at once. Each time you mow the lawn, change the mowing direction. Otherwise, it will always press the stem in one direction and the grass will be more easily impacted. If you usually cut the lawn to the right, turn it to the left. Occasionally, you should also cut diagonally by changing sides. If you want to get a banded design similar to stadium grass, for example, you have to cut with a roller mower in the back.

Tips and warnings

  • Grow your business every year with new customers, new equipment and new employees!
  • Do not start too big! Remember that you need customers and there is never any guarantee that you will get customers! Do not buy a lot of expensive equipment at first with the hope that future benefits will have to pay for it. Use a computer that already has or gets something for personal use and can also be used to start in this business. You will have to learn to become a seller in this business or you could be your only customer.