Home working is becoming increasing popular. There are many benefits to working from home, including saving time and money. Having a specific area in your home where you work is essential to prevent you from getting distracted by domestic chores and help keep your work/home life balance.

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As long as there is a table, chair and computer, many people can work from anywhere these days. However, if you are going to be spending long periods of time at your desk, investing in a comfortable and properly designed office chair will be money well spent. Check the right height for your desk or table and ideally get one that can be adjusted. Educate yourself on the correct posture to avoid any back and neck strain, and always take a break during the day for a quick walk.


Sitting down all day is not good for your health or posture, so there is a growing trend toward standing desks. If you can’t afford an adjustable desk, get one that allows you to stand and make sure your chair is high enough when you are sitting.

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Many employees are choosing to work from home some of the week, including those working for large corporations.


Freshly painted, brightly coloured walls and a couple of easy-to-look-after house plants can make all the difference to a home office and help reduce stress.

Utilities do sometimes break down or go wrong, and making sure you have a good internet service and reliable heating is key when working at home. Companies such as Gloucester boiler repair http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-repair-gloucester/ offer service and repairs.


Make sure your working space gets enough natural light; if not, try a different room. Studies have shown that natural light helps people sleep better and aids productivity. It is also worth getting a desk lamp for winter afternoons and when staring at your screen for long periods of time.


Depending on how much space you have, it is worth considering purchasing a comfortable armchair or small sofa as well as a coffee table. If you have reading to do or just want to work out some ideas with a notepad, it is nice to do this away from your desk. A pin board is also a good idea for important information and contact details.