Beautify Your Garden Without a Landscape Designer

As spring awakens the latent greenery in your garden, you may be busy cleaning up the leaves and debris that accumulated over the winter. You may be considering simple ways to bring out the natural beauty of your landscape too. Here are a couple of ideas for beautifying your garden without hiring a landscape designer.

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Lay Stepping Stones

Adding stepping stones to a garden has an almost magical effect, giving the garden a tranquil atmosphere that’s hard to put into words but can be experienced instantly. Stepping stones tend to have this effect even when they’re laid for the purely functional reason of allowing you to walk through the garden without damaging the plants. Stepping stones washington county or come in many shapes and styles, so you’re sure to find a type that fits your garden and needs. You can even add a touch of Japanese aesthetics to your garden paths by using an irregular pattern that forces walkers to pay more attention to the path, the goal being a more contemplative experience.

Lay Mulch

Applying mulch to your garden is another way to enhance its beauty. Mulch also adds nutrients to the soil, retains moisture and keeps out weeds. Hardwood bark and hardwood chips are common types of mulch, but you can even use grass clippings or shredded leaves. Applying mulch around trees is a great way to stop your lawn from competing with the trees for nutrients and water. However, be sure to prevent too much mulch from contacting the tree trunk. So-called “volcano mulching” is a common practice, but it’s bad for trees because it makes them vulnerable to disease and decay.

These are just two of many ways to make your existing garden more beautiful and inviting without the added cost of hiring a landscape designer. Of course, you may want to hire a landscaper to do the work.