Residential Gating: Timber or Iron?

There are several materials that are suitable for residential gating and the two most popular in the UK are hardwood and wrought iron. Of course, you want a set of gates that will match with the look of your home, and both iron and timber can offer such a design. With that in mind, here are some aspects of both materials to consider.

Hardwood Residential Gating

Using quality hardwood from a renewable source, The UK Electric Gate Company, for example, are one of the oldest companies offering high quality residential and specialist industrial security gates in the UK. They directly employ skilled tradespeople who really know their stuff and can create top quality bespoke gating to order. The timber is oiled several times during the manufacturing process to fully protect the gates from the harsh UK climate, plus the hinging and other fittings can be chosen from a range of finishes. Options include a two-way intercom and keypad access control. Plus, the automation is also installed underground, leaving your entrance looking clean and uncluttered.

Many Designs

An established gating company would have literally hundreds of images that show how versatile they can be with gate design, and if you would prefer English Oak to hardwood, this is also a suitable type for gating. You can select a timber shade that matches the property and if you would like to finish the timber yourself, this is not an issue. There is also some further reading on timber preservation, which you can look into as it is critical with residential gating. Don’t worry, however, as the supplier would treat the timber accordingly.

Wrought Iron Gating

If you want residential gating that is elegant and durable, wrought iron is the ideal choice, and with master craftsmen who fabricate the gates to fit the entrance, you will have the perfect gating for your home. Steel is another option that has many designs and can be painted to your choice of colour, allowing you to match with the surroundings, and the supplier would have many images of steel and iron gating, which makes it easy to find the right look.

Electric Gates

The latest generation of electric gating offers smooth and silent operation, and with remote control and automatic closing, your property will always be secure. The motor and running gear would be installed below ground level, leaving the entrance uncluttered, and the motor would have a long warranty.

Choosing a Contractor

A quick Google search will help you to find a gate company near you that offers the best quality and after some browsing on their website, you should be able to find a design that is perfect for your home, then ask the company to send a representative to your home, where you can discuss the many options. Fabricating residential gating is an art and you need to be sure that the company you choose has the know-how and the hands-on experience to give you a bespoke creation that ticks all the boxes.

It is worth spending time looking at the many designs and if you can’t find one that is ideal, the company would be happy to design from scratch. Every entrance is unique, and this demands a bespoke approach. By choosing the right material, your gates will look like they really belong.