What’s more classic or lovely than a traditional double hung window? When it comes to creating a beautiful home, getting the best access to natural light, and catching a wonderful breeze, there’s nothing better than choosing this tried-and-true style to bring more life to your kitchen, dining room, or bedroom space. If you’ve just shelled out for window installation from the best company offering richmond va replacement windows, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your purchase last. Keeping on top of cleaning is hugely important, even with sturdy window types like these. Before you tackle your first cleaning job, here are some tips for getting a truly solid clean.

Spot Clean

With any window type, it’s important to stay on top of weekly cleanings. Neglecting spots or dusty patches won’t just add to an unpleasant buildup, you’ll also find that spots tend to become greasy and harder to clean from wood surfaces if left too long. The same can be true of a vinyl frame. Unless you’re working with an aluminum frame, you want to play it safe when you’re cleaning your new windows. Using a too-abrasive material or type of cleaner, you could risk scratching or chipping your frame. The best way to go is to use a gentle, diluted dish soap solution and a microfiber cloth for getting out tough stains. Always dust before cleaning, especially for wood-based frames.

Don’t Overdo It

While it’s always good to be vigorous when it comes to cleaning, you should also make sure you treat your windows with care rather than stripping them of their natural protective elements. If you’re treating wood windows, you always want to make sure to sand, condition and apply a wood stain to your frame. This will help ensure that your window doesn’t end up prematurely rotting or warping. If you see any discoloration or signs of water retention, try sanding off the offending spot and applying a stain to return your window to a close to good-as-new condition.

Go Natural

Even if you’re dedicated to cleaning your windows on schedule, sometimes it’s not enough to make sure your window panes and frames are spotless and free of dirt. You also need to make sure you’re using a material that will clean your window without risking the health of its materials. Even though products like Windex can be great at erasing spots and streaks, you can easily make a similar cleaning solution using pantry products like vinegar and lemon. You’ll be getting the safe efficacy without having to expose yourself to chemicals and unpleasant fumes.

Check for Chips and Cracks

One great way to ensure that your double-hung windows stay in the game for longer is to check for any imperfections early on. The sooner you spot a crack or chip in your frame, the sooner you can repair or replace it. Some of these repairs are easier than others, such as sanding off an area of a wood frame or painting over a blemish. However, if you’re noticing that your window is functioning poorly and you’re already noticing cracks and issues, you should take note and make sure that your purchase was installed properly before you spring for repairs.