How to Tackle Burglary in a Smart Way?

In such a dangerous atmosphere, it will be foolish to keep quiet and depend solely on security guards. It is high time that we should stay vigilant on our part also and take up solid measures so as to avoid being a victim of such unlawful crimes. Of course staying up all night and safeguarding the house is not a very comfortable solution, not that thieves strike only at night! And what if we have to go out of town for a few days? Is there any permanent solution to this nuisance? The answer lies in installing fortified doors and windows. But before that, fix iron grille especially at the main doors of the house i.e. front, rear and side. Once the grilles are firmly placed, see that the doors are at least 40 mm thick. If they are not that thick, immediately install a quality deadlock. This will make sure that the doors cannot be broken down easily with levers. Besides doors, opening roof windows pose as an easy target for robbers as breaking in through doors might arouse suspicion. Installing grilles around them is a good idea. You can either put fixed grilles or sliding ones.

Another soft spot which is often overlooked is the roof. Not much attention is given to this part of the house and thieves know this weakness of home dwellers. If you want to show those criminals that you are not as foolish as they think, then install a fixed rooflight . It will not only protect you from burglars but also benefit you and your house in a number of ways. It welcomes natural light into the house throughout the day which makes the rooms airy, fresh and bright. Besides that, it is one of the best ways to retain heat inside the house and minimize the use of artificial heating and lighting. This means you will have to pay lesser electricity bills from now on. Also, noise is limited from penetrating to a great extent. There you go – killing two birds with one stone! Skylights can also play a part in keeping thieves at bay. They come in many varieties. Apart from the conventional ones, there are high end skylights available these days which come with self-locking system. They are on the expensive side but worth every penny. They are best for households having small children.