Homeowners who are considering kitchen cabinet refinishing in st. louis are usually concerned the most with their options to maximize cabinet space or choosing the right color veneers to match their kitchen.

One thing they don’t always think about is deciding on new kitchen cabinet hardware. In many cases, they end up using the hardware that previously existed. But is that really adding any aesthetic value to your new refinished kitchen cabinets? Much of the time, the answer is a resounding no. You put so much time and effort into getting everything right on your refinishing project, it doesn’t make much sense to stop before you reach the finish line.

Refinishing your cabinets means doing all of it, including the hardware. Now here are some of the things to consider when you’re ready to tackle this part of the job.

Which Type Works Best?

You have two common options for selecting the hardware to use on your cabinets. You can go with a knob or you can choose a pull. They work on both doors and drawers and you have the option of mixing and matching the two. You can use knobs on doors and pulls on drawers or choose one type of hardware to use throughout the whole kitchen.

Some consumers like knobs because they’re easy to use and they look good. Some like pulls because they are easier to grasp and offer increased functionality. Regardless of whichever you choose, you are doing so for the purpose of utilizing your cabinets with simplicity.

Selecting one over or along with the other is a matter of personal preference, however, you should keep in mind the size of the doors and the types of drawers you need to open. Knobs are better suited for smaller doors and standard drawers. Anything that is larger or has more weight to it will probably be better served by the use of a pull instead.

Think about the aesthetic of your kitchen as well. Knobs are typically considered a bit more old-fashioned while pulls are used in more contemporary interior design schemes. That’s not to suggest there aren’t modern looking knobs and retro or antique style pulls. Just something to think about when you’re making your choice.

Try a Few First

Making your ultimate decision on knobs, pulls, or a mix of both shouldn’t be done on looks alone. These are items you are going to be using multiple times on a daily basis. So you want to consider aesthetic and functionality but you also want to know that using them will be comfortable. You don’t want to wince or get your hand caught each time you need to get a glass or a dish from your kitchen cabinets.

So visit your local hardware store and touch, test, and feel the various options on display. If none of them are a right fit, try another retailer. Most of us do our shopping online, luckily there are online retailers who will send you samples to test by request.

Finding the right hardware is important and while it may be the last thing you address in a cabinet refinishing project, it’s the first thing you will touch the next time you’re in your kitchen.