Quartz Countertops Doesn’t Have To Be Hard to use

Granite, like all igneous rock, has characteristics so unique that no other element could achieve. And thanks to its toughness and versatility, its most common application today can be found on kitchen countertops. The tops of this very special area of ​​the house must have adequate preparation before the possibility of filling up with food or getting dirty with various liquids, and even be resistant to gases without acquiring the smell of smoke.

After knowing the 5 advantages, you will not doubt for a second that this is the ideal element for your design.

An exquisite variety

Depending on the size of the crystals that compose it and if it incorporates other minerals, granite can vary in color, thickness, format and texture, so that no granite will ever be the same as another. They can be found from pure black to those with diverse veins in the most different ranges

Damage resistance

It is almost zero porosity makes granite resistant to friction, food can be handled on top of these stops in complete safety and it will also last in good condition throughout its existence. Liquids slip off easily, and plates and accessories made from other materials don’t scratch it easily when you have the right protection.

Maximum brightness

Its unmatched finishes make it pleasant to the touch and that, in the eyes of any observer, its sparkles immediately captivate the attention. Due to its smooth surface, it is the ideal material not only to prepare meals in a balanced way, but also to place various objects in a safe and organized way.

An affordable price

Clearly there are cheaper materials than granite that can be found at graniteselection.com, but it is assured that you that the value for money for Stone Countertops would be more dispersed. Granite is worth its price in terms of its excellent durability and applicability, as well as being more cost-effective than more luxurious and extravagant (but similar-looking) items such as marble.

Ease of cleaning

Its smooth and smooth surface makes granite extremely easy to clean with common products that do not have to be special or expensive (soap and water is enough). In addition, there are no limitations in terms of frequency of cleaning because there is no risk of wear, which makes it more suitable for a space as exposed to dirt as the kitchen.