Additional Inspections New Homeowners Should Consider

Around 84% of new home buyers get a home inspection before closing day. These are general probes that review the overall health of a property. This inspection is similar to going to your primary care doctor for a check-up. They’ll look for red flags and then suggest further investigation into specific areas. Home inspectors won’t find everything and they don’t know everything. That is why additional testing could be needed. You may think that spending a couple of hundred dollars on another test is a waste, but you could uncover an even more costly problem. It is better to discover the problem now than after you move in.

Well and Septic

If your new home isn’t hooked up to public water and sewer, then you probably have a well and septic tank. Well testing Naples FL is extremely important in residential settings where water will be used to drink, bathe and cook. Well water is tested for pesticides, lead, arsenic, radium and mercury.

Septic tanks are tested to make sure the tank is in good condition and working properly. Drainage fields are inspected to make sure that wastewater is being dispersed correctly. Septic tank repairs can get very costly, so a little scrutiny is worth the extra time and money.


A roofing inspector will be able to identify future problems with your roof better than a general inspector. Roofers check the interior walls and ceilings for signs of old leaks and mold growth. Some even use infrared scanners and drones to identify potential problem areas. With new roof installation costing between $3 and $5 per square foot, this a not an expense new homeowners want to be surprised with.

Rodents and Termites

General inspectors will usually be able to identify the damage done by pests, but most are not equipped to determine how much remediation will cost. These repairs can get very costly very quickly. So, spend the extra $100 to $200 for a pest inspection and some peace of mind. Infestations take time and planning to eradicate and will be easier to do before you move in.