3 Simple Ways To Conceal Garbage Cans in Your Outdoor Space

Looking to improve the appearance of your home’s landscaping? Most homes have at least one garbage can, and it’s important to keep it hidden to improve the look of your landscaping. Here are three simple ways to conceal trash cans or other eyesores, giving you full enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Install a Screen

Screens are very effective in hiding garbage cans and other unsightly outdoor elements. To make a simple and effective screen, attach a trellis panel at right angles to an existing fence or wall. If you need a large screen, use a trellis, willow panels or fence panels to make an open-ended partition behind which all garbage cans can be stored. Be sure the area is densely planted in the summer to keep the sun off the garbage.

An even better option is to install a handcrafted garden screen. These screens are made from metal, which looks beautiful when installed in a garden with plenty of greenery and color. Customize your screen with the design of your choice, adding a little bit of personality to your outdoor space. It’s also a great idea to make this a scented screen by planting fragrant flowers in the surrounding area. Mix strongly scented roses, honeysuckle and jasmine with other climbers, and complete the colorful and perfumed effect with an annual sowing of sweet peas.

Design with Masonry

Another solution for hiding unsightly garbage receptacles is to build a permanent garbage screen out of bricks or concrete pavers, leaving some holes for ventilation. Allow for access to each of the garbage cans and bins but keep the top low to prevent animals from removing lids. Build a trough above, and plant it with a variety of greenery and foliage. This will effectively hide your garbage cans from view while still giving you unrestricted access.

Use a Container

You can also hide the unappealing view of your trash cans by creating an attractive, temporary floral display in a container of your choice. Use a large container, such as a barrel or planter box to partially conceal garbage cans. Plant it up with blooms and greenery to soften the look of this area. Slip a section of a trellis panel between the container and the garbage can and plant climbers around the trellis for additional concealment.

You want your outdoor spaces to look beautiful and inviting. By concealing your garbage cans, as well as any other unsightly features, you’ll enhance the look of your entire landscape.