Why Floor Polish is a Necessity

Hardwood floors need a lot of care to last as long as you want them to. The best way to enjoy that longevity is to use polishes to protect your floor. Here is what you should know about the benefits of using polish in case you need to contact your local floor polishing Manhattan NY.

High Gloss vs Low Gloss

One of the benefits of polish is that it generates sheen. The reflectiveness of your floors can really compliment your living space so you should decide what level of polish you want to use. This is cosmetic and entirely based on your preferences. While high gloss is more reflective, dust and scratches are more visible so it requires more maintenance.

It Plugs up Scratches

Polish is more than just cosmetic. Wood floors are susceptible to water and age. Polish creates a protective layer that is resistant to water damage and the wear and tear that comes over time. It’s recommended that your hardwood floors receive this finish so they will last longer. If your floors already have damage, use the polish to plug those holes and prevent further damage over your floor’s lifetime.

When Should You Do It

Invest in polish if your floor is looking dull, damaged and worn down. It will make your floor and your space as a whole look new and energetic. You should refurbish your floor once every 4 months to promote a fresh coat and longer lifespan for your floor.

Your floor needs love too. Take the time to get a professional who can breathe new life into your floor and shield it from various forms of damage and decay. Beyond the health benefits, choosing the kind of polish you want will compliment your furniture and the overall vibe of your house and give you something new to look at.