What’s Trending In The World of Garages

Having a garage is a major perk to home ownership. Whether it’s the covered space to park your cars, extra storage or site for your workshop, it provides a lot of benefits that attract people to owning homes with a garage. Like any part of a house, as time goes on, certain elements have to be replaced or updated to stay current and on trend with design styles. Home garage door pricing can vary greatly based on the size of your garage, what needs updated and how you plan to change the space. Here are three of 2020’s top trends for a garage door makeover.

1. Bright Hues

Often times, garages are focal points of home design. Instead of being hidden in the back of a home, current architecture puts them in front, making the home more or less attractive based on how the garage is styled. Bold, vivid colors are becoming more common and desired on garage doors. They can add a pop of color that complements your lighter-hued home. Opt for unique patterns, decorations or designs that catch people’s eye. The choice will make your home stand out and give it distinctive characteristics your neighbor’s home may lack. If you ever do sell your house, these bold features will make a buyer more interested in your different and diverse home set off by something as simple as the color of your garage.

2. Techy Features

Technology is everywhere in homes now. From being able to turn off lights from a far or seeing who’s at your front door while you’re at work, people’s homes are getting to be smarter than they are. Smart technology is now seeping into garages, too. Current technological trends include being able to open your garage from an app. This would be helpful if you were expecting a delivery dropped off at your house, and you weren’t going to be home. In addition, you can make sure the door is shut and locked from your phone. These features make home safety that much more accessible by keeping you connected when you’re not even there.

3. Better Insulation

As homes become more eco-friendly and sustainable, people want a garage that matches their home’s efficiency, so they’re not losing a ton of money from their garages. Doors can be crafted with better insulation that makes spending time in the space more comfortable. This is especially important if you have a garage that’s temperature controlled. A wooden door is one of the best materials to consider if you’re wanting a higher-insulated garage door.

Updating your home is a wonderful way to increase its value and add new features that benefit a growing family or new needs. While some updates can be major such as adding a pool, building on an addition or totally renovating certain spaces, a garage door update is less time and money intensive. However, updating your garage door can lead to giving your house a whole new look that’s hip, modern and more economical for you and your family. It’s an investment you won’t regret.