Tips for Using Wood Chips in Your Yard

Having a tree removed, a big tree pruned, or a stump ground is a big deal. Chances are, one of the first things you will notice is the increased aesthetic appeal of your yard when the work is done.

After that, you will likely have wood chips – and a lot of them – to deal with. You may wonder what you can do with all the wood chips Marietta GA. Keep reading for some ideas on how you can use these around your yard.

Use Wood Chips as Mulch

One of the best uses for wood chips is organic mulch. You can place them in your planting areas or around the other trees in your yard.

Applying the mulch properly can help minimize weed growth while keeping water in your soil and regulating soil temperatures. If you have mulch in your beds already that has gotten thin, you can use the new mulch to replenish it. Try creating a three-inch layer of mulch because if it is too thin, it will not do that much to keep the weeds down or help insulate the soil.

Use the Wood Chips for a Kid’s Play Area

If you, or someone in your neighborhood, have a play area for your kids, wood chip mulch that is free of sharp branches and twigs can be used to help cushion the ground. This will also help prevent cases of soil compaction, which is a common problem around play structures.

Use Wood Chips for Container Gardening

Do you have plants or trees in containers? If so, you can add some mulch here. Any open soil, including potting soil, will benefit from a mulch layer.

If you have wood chips from a recently cut-down tree or ground stump, make sure you make good use of the wood chips. The tips and information here should help you do this.