The house painting deals for you now

When it comes to repainting one or two rooms, many manage to get by improvising as a painter for the occasion. However, when the whole house is concerned, the intervention of a professional becomes essential. But which craftsman to contact and at what price will this work cost?

The price of house painters

Before choosing a house painter, it is first of all necessary to know the prices charged by these professionals. With this website you can find out more about painting quotes. As a result, you finally have a more or less precise idea of ​​the amount you will have to pay. Indeed, not all painters calculate their services in the same way. This is why there are so many disparities in prices. Indeed, while some set their prices according to the square meters to be covered, others choose to be paid according to the time spent that is to say by the hour.

How to choose a professional painter?

If you have never used this craftsman before, the best way to find a good painter is by word of mouth. Otherwise, you can still recruit online. You will easily find platforms that will put you in touch with these professional painters. But anyway, avoid service providers who sell off their prices. Also beware of subcontractors and get the details beforehand.

Following the phone calls and emails exchanged, the painter convinced you of his professionalism? Of course, this is already a good thing. However, don’t be satisfied with your first impressions. Find out about the person’s reputation by asking for references from sites he has recently taken on, if possible with supporting photos, before and after painting.

Check that he has a registration in the trade register, this is the assurance that he is indeed declared as a professional. This information should also always appear on all commercial and accounting documents. Another indication of his competence: a painter who enjoys an excellent reputation is often in high demand and therefore has a very busy schedule.