The Best Plants for Year-Round Growth

The great thing about plants that survive the weather all year long is that your garden looks beautiful through all the seasons of the year, not just in Spring and Summer. The plant doesn’t necessarily have to bloom in flower form during the cooler seasons, they can show off their berries and autumn-coloured leaves. Make sure you do your research for plant protection through the year, you don’t want to make the mistake of not covering up a plant that needs more protection against the harsher weather conditions. If you’re not sure where to start you can check out Two Wests.

Green Netting

Image Credit: Two Wests

Witch Hazel

During the late Winter, Witch Hazel displays a beautiful scent in the air which is simply lovely to enjoy on a cool Winter’s morning. You’ll find the leaves turn an Autumnal shade of red before dropping their petals.

Fruit Trees

The beautiful thing about apple and pear trees is their year-round beauty. During the summer months you have the lovely fruit, freshly grown on the tree branches, followed by the autumnal shades in the leaves during the cooler months, finally introducing a gorgeous blossom during the Spring.

Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs are perfect for providing structure to the garden and giving a balance in textures and feel throughout the garden space. They will never lose their colour and generally withstand the weather very well. You’ll always have a beautiful green focal point to your garden with a freshly trimmed Evergreen.

Sweet Pea

The Sweet Pea is a beautiful flower to watch bloom in the cooler months. Their beautiful scent is often used in perfumes and their colours are so lovely to see when your garden may be lacking some life during those wet and damp months.


If you’re a beginner in the gardening club then these plants are the perfect selection for you and your garden, particularly through the Autumn months when these flowers are showing off their beautiful colours.


A personal favourite for all year-long growth is the Coneflower. During the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons these flowers provide a beautiful array of colours from orange, purple, red, white, and green. During the Winter months this flower provides seeds for the birds to survive so is an excellent plant to invest in for your garden space.

Displaying your Plants

If you’re unsure where to begin when displaying your plants around your garden, you can always consider a large planter so you can decoratively place your flowers. You can position your planter in the perfect viewing spot from your kitchen window to admire whilst doing the dishes on a gloomy Winters day. Who says the cooler months weren’t as enjoyable when you’ve got a garden that is full of beautiful scents and colours? Considering a wooden planter with an integrated trellis is a fantastic way to display a variety of plants, including Ivy, or if left alone this provides a stunning back drop to your plant display, breaking up the textures and definition in your garden.

Image Credit: Two Wests