How To Keep Your Company Safe During the Winter

Winter can be a magical season when you’re watching the snow from inside next to a roaring fire. When you’re outside in the elements, it’s another story. Winter storms can get downright treacherous if you don’t stay ahead of them. When you own a company, you’ve got a lot of responsibility to keep people safe. Here are three areas to keep a close eye on.

Monitor Rooftop Snow

It’s hard to believe that all that fluffy snow can become so heavy. When you get several storms, or one good blizzard, the result on a roof can be catastrophic. Looks are deceiving and what seems like a little snow can actually be hundreds of pounds of weight. Instead of playing guessing games, know for sure with a roof snow load calculator and take action before there’s a cave-in.

Secure a Plow

At one point or another, you’ll be in the path of a nasty ice storm and will need to keep your customers and staff safe. Have plowing services ready to go for your parking lot well before the season starts. For sidewalks and entryways, make sure you’re well-stocked with rock salt, sand and shovels.

Prevent Ice Dams

Another winter problem that occurs on your roof is an ice dam. These thick chunks of ice form in the eaves and be perilous if they slide off and hit a person or a vehicle. They can also cause serious leaks inside if you don’t properly roof rake after a storm.

Enjoy the Season

While winter can provide endless fun, it’s also a lot of work. Now is the time to start planning while it’s still early. Once you’ve secured a snow plow, purchased supplies and have a unit to measure the snow weight on your roof, you can turn your thoughts to enjoying the good things about winter.