If you’re a homeowner who has a busy home full of kids, pets, and subject to the odd wine spill, you probably want to do all you can to keep your carpet protected. If you go through the time and expense of buying quality carpet, you don’t want to trust anything but the best carpet cleaning lexington sc company to get the job done. However, if you want to go the extra mile, using a carpet protector could be a great way of ensuring a long life for your purchase. But is there such thing as a too-heavy reliance on a carpet protector? If you don’t know the dos and don’ts of using this helpful tool, here are a few things to consider.

Check with the Factory

Many carpets come factory-sealed, which means your rug will be able to combat stains easily for a period of four to five years. However, you don’t want to go with the benefit of the doubt on this one. Don’t assume that you have extra protection when you’re bringing a rug home from the factory. Make sure that you have your seal already in place. If you don’t, it’s easy enough to purchase some Scotchguard or another type of protectant from your local hardware store. Once you start applying a store-bought protector, you’ll be able to keep applying it every 18 to 24 months depending on how much use your rug is getting on a daily basis.

Stick to the 18 Month Rule

While every rug, and every household, is different, it’s always best to keep your use of a protectant regular. You don’t need to go crazy and spray at will, but you shouldn’t let your carpet go too long unprotected, either. When you apply your seal, it creates a barrier that helps liquid from sinking through to the base of your rug and turning into a dirty, bacteria-ridden patch. Even if you feel like you can go more than 24 months without spraying your protector, it’s best not to risk making your carpet vulnerable to staining and other types of harm if you don’t have to. Applying a protectant is simple, quick, and a small step you can make toward protecting your investment’s health and longevity.

Apply as Needed

Applying a protective stain doesn’t mean you don’t still need to clean your rug thoroughly at least every week. If your carpet is placed in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic, you might not need to be as thorough about giving it a once-over weekly. However, if you want to keep your rug in good shape and make sure it doesn’t end up becoming unusable after just a few years, you should be applying your protector at least once every two years and vacuuming at least every two weeks, in addition to bringing your rug in for professional cleanings a few times a year. Making sure to clean your rug before applying your protectant is also a smart move if you don’t want to end up sealing in the dirt and dust that’s trapped in your rug’s fibers.