Five more home design tips from the interior pros

You have given the walls a lick of paint and have gone crazy buying pot plants, but what else can you do to breathe life into your old rooms? Here are five more ways to revive your home without spending a fortune.

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Your house will be the fairest of them all with the clever use of mirrors. You may be surprised how small rooms feel so much larger and lighter with mirrors. Place the mirrors so that light from the windows hits them or so that the mirror directly reflects the window. You will be amazed at the light and feeling of space this creates.

Flex those creative muscles

Upcycling is the new buzzword on the street for the hip and ethically-conscious to get creative. Either rummage through what you already have – could that old chest of drawers use some upcycling love? – or get yourself down to your local charity shop. Today’s charity shops sell more than old clothes and are veritable treasure troves of furniture, textiles and household goods. How about taking some retro textiles and making your own cushion covers, wall art, or throws for your sofa?

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Enlivening with paint

Have you already put shelves up? If so, paint them bright colours; alternatively, buy a plain shelf unit and paint it to match your personality. Suppliers such as stock plenty of options; alternatively, do a quick internet search for residential shelving Ireland to see what is on offer. Think about adding primary colours to bring a pop of brightness to your living space.

Dress up your sofa

You can purchase slips for sofas and transform your well-worn couch into a brand new piece. The slips that do exactly what they say – they slip easily on and off, and they are even washable.

Basket case

Wicker baskets come in a range of sizes, with the texture and colour suiting any design theme. Place them around your home for storage that looks great and lasts. Use them to store shoes, books, toys, firewood, and even fruit and vegetables in your kitchen.

There we have it – five more ways to cheer up and freshen up your home and its interiors.