Fashion Forward Home Decorating

Much work goes into decorating a home so that it feels timeless and comfortable – a place for entertaining and relaxing. Keeping abreast of fashion trends in home decorating will enable you to make choices for your home that keep it from feeling dated or old-fashioned.

Multi-Functional Furniture and Space

In the past, large homes had versatile spaces. Doors slid into walls when more room was needed. Years later, solid walls defined specific spaces. This is the living room. This is the dining room. Modern home design Jacksonville FL coupled with modern functionality means that spaces and furniture can be multi-functional. A Murphy bed in a home office lets it double as a guest room, for example. Sunken game tables with solid tops can be used for eating or playing cards and be used in the den or the breakfast room.

Germ-Resistant Material

While we wage war against germs and viruses, putting in non-porous surfaces in the kitchen and the bathroom makes sense. Sealed polished concrete, laminate and metals may become a mainstay material in high-traffic areas.

Indoor / Outdoor Areas

As homeowners are forced to spend more time at home than they originally planned, it’s important that the outdoor areas flow easily with the inside rooms. There are many beautiful options beyond the traditional sliding glass doors. French doors add an upgraded and inviting look to any room. Bi-fold or pivot hinge doors work to create a seamless indoor / outdoor vibe.

Warm Colors

Dark green and red walls were trendy for number of years, but the current direction of color fashion indicates that warmer earthy tones are prevailing. It’s easy to bring in a pop of color in the form of pillows or throws over a neutral base, so you’re not as locked down to a specific hue as you would be if it were all over the walls.

Designing a home look that is fashionable but not overly trendy means that your decorating will age well.