Decorate Your Home Like It Is Indeed Your Castle

They say your home is your castle; why not decorate it like one? You probably don’t want tapestries hanging from the walls or a chamber pot next to the bed, but use a castle as a décor inspiration and you will end up with a home fit for royalty.

Start At the Bottom

Luxurious custom flooring made of real hardwood like Monarch flooring, wide planks of real hardwood that can be custom finished in two ways. The beautiful walnut, oak or hickory planks can be finished to your exact specifications or can be ordered unfinished so craftsmen can finish on site to ensure a floor that is uniquely your own.

Go All the Way To the Top

A castle’s great hallserved as its centerpiece and evoked a sense of grandeur with its large windows and elaborate décor. Create a similar feeling of space and splendor by extending kitchen cabinets and living room bookshelves to the ceiling. The custom fit adds an upscale feel. It has the added plus of providing adequate storage so that all items can be stored properly, eliminating clutter. Install large windows where possible, and where smaller windows remain create the illusion of height with floor-to-ceiling drapes.

Add Color and Flourish

It is nearly impossible to picture any room in a castle without a fireplace. Naturally, most rooms will not have fireplaces, but every space should have a significant focal point—a large important piece of furniture or a stylish statement light fixture. Liven up classic neutral color schemes by accenting with opulent jewel tones. Layer rooms with fabrics that feel as rich as they look, such as leather, silk and cashmere.

Bring the Gardens Inside

Many castles became known for their gardens as much as for their architecture, so bring the outside in. A simple way to do that is by displaying fresh cut flowers in crystal vases. For a more sustainable and affordable option, use live plants instead—nothing freshens up a room like earthenware pots brimming with healthy greenery.