Catch Filter Problems Before They Happen With These Tips

If you have machines that use filters, you know how essential they are to your business’s operation. Follow these tips to keep your filters in top condition so that you can run as efficiently as possible.

Follow All Manufacturer’s Instructions

Every filter operates slightly differently depending on its model, manufacturer, and purpose. To prevent your air sentry breathers North Carolina from breaking down unnecessarily, read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them carefully. For example, if the user’s manual warns you against using gasoline to clean the filters, use a different cleaning aid. Post any unusual instructions next to the machine so your employees are aware of them.

Clean Them Regularly

Filters undergo a lot of stress as they purify the air before it combusts inside your machines. While you usually can’t see the particles that filters trap, they build up into a mass that causes clogs. Once this happens, air can’t enter as easily and your combustion process slows down, wasting fuel and time. Even if a filter looks clear when you pull it out, stick to your cleaning schedule.

Watch Out for Damage

When you remove your filters for cleaning, take a few minutes to check them for damage. Signs of damage include deterioration, rips along the seal, and tears in the filtration material. If you look carefully for these problems every week, you catch them before they ruin your machine. Always have extra filters on hand so that when one breaks, you can simply slip another one into its place.

You hate to lose production time to broken-down machines, but your equipment can’t operate without high-quality filters. Save yourself from the hassle of delayed orders, repair company bills, and wasted time by following these instructions carefully. By giving your filters time and attention, you’re investing in your company’s future.