Building a New Home? 5 Things You Might Not Have Considered

You’ve waited. You’ve saved. You’re finally ready to build your dream home. You can picture the perfect bathroom, from the bathtub to the light fixtures. You have a list of modern conveniences you must have in your new kitchen. You might not have considered everything, such as impact doors West Palm Beach, but here are a few things to think about before you finalize your home design.

1. Electrical Outlets

Include more outlets than you think you’ll need. Outlets in closets are handy for charging cordless vacuums. Under the eaves of your home, they make holiday lighting a breeze. In an open plan home, outlets in the floor of the living space are great for lamps.

2. High-Impact Safety Doors and Windows

If you’re building in an area prone to hurricanes, safety doors and windows are the best way to protect your home from damage. They’re much more attractive than wooden shutters, and they can also reduce noise, prevent home invasions, and possibly reduce home insurance costs.

3. Mud Room With Storage

Whether or not you have children, a dedicated room through which to enter the home and store your outdoor gear keeps your front entryway and the rest of your home cleaner and less cluttered. It may seem like valuable real estate that could be used for something more fun, but keeping the outdoors out of your living space and always having a place to keep your keys is worth it.

4. Motion-Activated Lighting

Motion sensing lights in basements, pantries, and other storage areas make it easy to find what you’re looking for. The lights come on when you need them and shut off when you’re finished, saving bulb life and energy, even if you’ve got your hands full on your way out.

5. Outdoor Access

Keypad access to your garage or front door makes life more convenient and safe. You can give a temporary code to someone working in your home or making a delivery to your garage. Your kids can get in the house without having to carry a key around. It’s peace of mind and convenience in one easy package.