Best Ways To Move Large Items

Whether you’re moving to a new house, moving in or out of a new office space, or just continually moving larger objects from Point A to Point B, you probably realize the need for proper tools to get the job done. While smaller items can easily be picked up and moved without a second thought, larger items usually require a specific tool to make the move easy and effective. From using lifting straps to utility carts that utilize shock isolating casters, here is a list of some of the best ways to move large items around.

Lifting Straps

As was mentioned above, lifting straps are a typical tool of the mover. Lifting straps are basically utilized the same way as you would a pulley system. Essentially your body parts are the pulley and the item is lifted by using the leverage of your own body. The center of gravity of the item is lowered and fairly heavy items can typically be lifted with ease. The only downside to lifting straps is that the item can’t be too heavy, and your body has to be in good enough shape that lifting using this method won’t aggravate or create an injury.

Utility Dolly

A dolly is a great way to move very heavy items that have a flat surface that they sit on. By simply pushing the dolly underneath the item, it can be tilted back and moved easily. For items that you need to move regularly, you may consider a utility cart with shock-absorbing casters to get the job done.

Stair Rollers

While moving a large item on a flat surface usually only takes into consideration how to pick it up, moving an item up and down floors is a different story entirely. Stair rollers make this much easier, but usually require at least two people in order to do it safely.