Triple pane windows have grown in popularity with homeowners due to the multitude of benefits they offer. But while there has been a marked increase in consumers buying and installing this type of window, it’s not without an increase in cost.

It’s true that triple pane options are more expensive than their lesser paned counterparts, but do you really need to spend the extra money or can you put in a double-pane window instead? If this is a decision that you are currently contemplating, consider the many advantages that you can enjoy with a triple pane window installation from your friends at Pinehurst Window.

Window Pane Construction

When we talk about triple pane windows, we are referring (obviously) to the number of panes that have been installed. Single has one, double has two, and triple windows contain three panes. In the case of double and triple pane options, the panes of glass are situated next to one another with some kind of thick gas installed in between.

That gas is among the major reasons why you might want to install triple pane windows. It adds an extra barrier inside the window that helps to make it much more energy efficient while also reducing the effects of environmental noise and giving the window unit itself greater durability.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Windows that come with multiple panes are ideal for increasing energy efficiency in the home because they make it tougher for your pricey climate-controlled air to seep out. We all know that glass has very little in the way of insulating properties. Warm air can escape and get in, depending on the time of year.

But triple pane windows actually provide that insulation because it is significantly harder for that air to get out through multiple panes of glass with Krypton or Argon gas in between. You need not worry about the gas getting out of your window either, it is hermetically sealed inside the panes. So all you need to do is enjoy feeling comfortable in your home much longer and without having to run your HVAC system for lengthy periods of time.

And we also know that when you’re operating your heating or cooling system less, your utility bills will be substantially lower.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Homes that are located near particularly busy roadways and thoroughfares or surrounded by neighboring homes that are nearby can benefit greatly from triple pane windows. That’s because the same advantageous properties that make your windows more energy efficient are also ideal for reducing the amount of surrounding environmental noise.

In this regard, triple is preferable to double pane because there are more layers for keeping all of those annoying sounds from echoing into your home. Triple panes have been proven to reduce the effects of noise pollution by as much as 75%. This can prove highly beneficial for residences that are often plagued by nuisances like road traffic, loud construction work, noisy neighbors, and nearby facilities that generate high decibel sound.

Protect Against the Sun’s Rays

The sun can be a wonderful source of light, heat, and energy. Many of today’s homes even rely on solar power for their electrical needs. But while the sun offers all of these benefits each and every day, there are also some serious drawbacks.

Direct sunlight can be a great way to naturally heat your home but too much of it can also be damaging to the interior of the home. This includes your carpeting, furniture, walls, even many of your personal belongings. When these things are allowed to remain in the direct path of the sun’s ray, they can start to look faded and bleached.

This type of damage can be very difficult, if not impossible to repair. You will likely end up having to replace these damaged items, costing you more money!

But triple pane windows can help you avoid all of that from happening because the severity of the sun’s light is diffused and softened when it shines through three panes of glass and the gas nestled in between. This will make you feel a lot better about keeping those window shades or curtains open to bring more natural light into the home.

Lighting rooms with natural light not only makes the room look better but it has a much more favorable effect on those who are spending time inside of it. Artificial lights can be much harsher and more stressful on our psychologies. So install triple pane windows and you can let the sun shine right on in all day long!