3 Ways To Add Character to Your Living Room

Have you ever walked into a living room and had a case of deja vu? Once a trend makes it onto the cover of a popular magazine, it gets mass-produced and copied over and over again. Pretty soon, all of the homes you visit have the same style and color scheme.

The living room is meant to be a place you go to get comfortable and be yourself. It should feel personal. If you want to add some character to this room without copying the latest trend, then follow these simple tips.

Go Vintage

The nice thing about vintage items is that they are usually one of a kind. Find one object that truly speaks to you, has a color scheme you like and a style that you can picture yourself in. Then design the rest of the living room around that one unique piece. Interior decorating Arlington VA professionals can help you to narrow in on what this vintage inspiration piece may be. Or, an interior designer can help you turn that item into a whole room design.

Don’t Match Furniture

There is nothing more boring than a perfectly matched set of furniture. Instead, mix old pieces and new ones. Choose a sofa with a solid color and chairs that have a pattern. Furniture should go together but not necessarily match. It is equally important that all the pieces fit inside the room without feeling awkward. Size definitely matters.

Add Architectural Elements

Architectural elements are part of the home’s construction. An arched doorway, inlaid floor pattern or crown molding are all examples of architectural elements. Each of these details sets your home apart from the rest. If you aren’t ready to do any construction projects, then you can look for architectural salvage pieces to be used as decor. For example, hang old stained glass windows on an interior wall or stand a column up in the corner of the room.