3 Pests You Definitely Don’t Want in Your Home

Nothing is more disconcerting or worrisome than walking into your kitchen in the morning, turning the lights on and seeing creepy-crawlies on the counter. Pests come in all shapes and sizes. Some are relatively benign; other critters are more invasive and potentially harmful. One thing is for sure: no one wants unwelcome intruders in their home. Here are three of the most common unwanted pests that could crawl into your residence and how to handle them.

1. Cockroaches

The last thing you want to see when walking into your kitchen is a cockroach climbing the wall. You can promptly take care of it, but where there is one, there are bound to be more. These critters are more common in the humid South but can pop up anywhere there is food.

Take care to keep areas clear of food and crumbs and call in the pros. A search for pest control Cape Coral should soon find help.

2. Mice

Aside from the beloved animated character, these furry nuisances are unwelcome guests. They chew up everything, leave terrible messes and could bring diseases into your home. Winter is the worst time for infestations, but mice can enter and enjoy your house at any time.

3. Termites

Termites are the bane of any homeowner. More than $5 billion of damage to properties each year is attributed to these infestations. It can cause structural damage and cost owners a ton of money on repairs. Termites look similar to small flying ants and love damp wood. Prompt identification and treatment are important to protecting your home.

A pest infestation can be very unsettling, but don’t worry: You’re not alone! If you’re not comfortable dealing with it yourself, or the problem is bigger than you thought, help is usually just a phone call away. Swift action is needed to keep it from getting worse, but most situations can be resolved quickly.