3 Ideas for Sports Lovers With Small Backyards

If playing sports is your idea of a fun time, but your backyard is small on space, a bit of creative thinking will give you the athletic outlet you need. Here are three sport ideas that will fit in your small backyard.

1. Putting Green

Mastering the putt is an important asset for any golfer. Improve this skill anytime with a putting green installation Thousand Oaks in your own backyard! Make it large or small depending on the space you have available. Artificial grass is the best surface to use and means no watering or mowing is required to keep your own personal putting green ready for use at any time. Why keep all the fun to yourself? Invite over a few friends for a fun putting challenge contest.

2. Badminton Court

Badminton is a fun sport played with a net that doesn’t require a lot of space to play. If your yard has a level area that’s 44 feet long and 20 feet wide with no tree branches above you for 20 feet, you have the perfect spot for badminton. Artificial turf installation works well for this court and will give you hours of maintenance free fun chasing the birdy with your family and friends.

3. Cornhole Space

Cornhole is a new, popular backyard sport that gives your throwing arm plenty of practice. Only 27 feet of flat open space is needed between the two cornhole boards. You’ll find sets available in all price ranges from basic economy to themed painted boards with matching bags. If you love playing badminton and cornhole, you could use one space for both sports by just temporarily taking down the badminton net.

A small backyard doesn’t need to keep you from the sporting life you love. Add a putting green, badminton court or cornhole space to enjoy outdoor recreation at home.