Changes to Your Home That Make Dealing With Your Children Easier

As much as you love your children, you also know they can be messy, chaotic creatures. They leave their things everywhere and are constantly getting into things that they shouldn’t. Instead of getting upset at everything they do, make some changes to your home that will help reduce your stress. Here are some ways to make dealing with your children a little bit easier.

Upgrade Your Door

Are you tired of hearing your front door open and slam a million times a day? No matter how many times you ask the kids to slow down, they seem incapable. Instead of getting upset, consider changing your door. Whether you choose something on the higher end like Ellison doors New York or go with something from a local home repair store, choose something well made. The better balanced the door is, the less you’re going to hear it.

Another way to help the door from becoming a missile when it’s opened or closed is to install an extra hinge that specifically controls how wide it can open and helps slow how fast it closes.

Rethink the Carpet

No matter how good your children are, they’re still going to make a mess. Making messes is a natural part of their learning because they don’t have the same hand-eye coordination as adults. So, instead of trying to cover stains on the carpet, just remove it. A harder surface like tile or hardwood will be much easier to clean and won’t hold on to pesky stains.

If you have areas like bedrooms or family rooms where you want the comfort of carpet, consider getting a low pile option. The low pile will allow for easier cleaning if spills do happen.

Give Them a Space

When trying to keep a tidy home, children’s toys can be one of the hardest things to deal with. Instead of banning toys altogether, give your kids a space of their own to play in. That way, if they make a mess while playing and you have people coming over, you can simply close their door.

Additionally, if your children have toys that they like to play with while the family is all together, consider getting bins or baskets in that room to store the toys in when they aren’t using them. If you don’t have space for extra shelving for baskets, consider purchasing a new ottoman with storage inside it. It’s a great way to hide away things that you don’t want seen while not compromising on your comfort.