Caring for an Oil Tank Heater

When you purchase a home with an oil tank heating system, there are a few things you need to know to keep it working efficiently. Keep reading for some tips on how to care for your oil tank.

Know the Size

You should know the size of your oil tank to order the correct amount of oil and schedule your oil delivery at the appropriate intervals. A general rule with oil tanks is to keep the tank at least a quarter full to prevent unforeseen issues with empty your tank running dry. Knowing the size of your current oil tank is also essential in the event that you need a new oil tank installation Westchester County NY.

Tank Types

Types of oil tanks include steel tanks, outdoor tanks, indoor tanks, plastic tanks and underground tanks.

Recommended Maintenance

The recommended maintenance varies depending upon the type of oil heating tank you own. The essential idea is to keep the oil flowing through the outlet pipe and prevent it from leaking. Because condensation forms on the inside of tanks, it is important to have them cleaned at least once every five years. Oil floats on water which means that water will sit on the bottom of your oil tank and eventually cause metal tanks to corrode.

Each type of tank requires different maintence, but having any type of oil tank checked regularly by a service company can save you from making costly repairs or replacements. If yours is still under warranty, it is especially economical to have it checked. In the event that a major problem is found with the oil tank, it could be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Understanding the type of oil tank you have and how to care for it properly is essential to getting the most out of this expensive piece of equipment. Read the manufacturer’s manual to ensure you care for yours properly.