3 Ways To Level Up Your Lawn Decor

In a world of sprawling suburban neighborhoods, where every lawn looks the same, it can be difficult to feel like your yard reflects your personality. If you’ve found yourself wondering how to customize your own yard, wonder no longer. By incorporating just one of these tips, you’ll have a lawn unique to you in no time at all.

Install an Outdoor Fireplace

Nothing brings warmth and light to an outdoor space better than a fireplace. For a backyard patio, a fireplace is an easy way to have a place to gather in the evening, with the additional benefit of smoke keeping the bugs at bay. A fire pit, meanwhile, can bring a more rustic look to the space, and small children can enjoy roasting marshmallows in the safety of their own backyard. Nothing brings a sense of luxury and excitement to an otherwise boring space more quickly than the glow of a cozy fire.

Put Up a Garden Screen

If you’re going for something a little more grown up, investing in a handcrafted garden screen can elevate your backyard and bring a polish to your decor. An outdoor screen can provide privacy or create the illusion of more space by being used as a “room” divider.

Lay a Stone walkway

A simple way to liven up a plain grass yard is laying your own stone path. Whether you want a winding trail leading guests to a garden or a minimalist walkway from your backyard to the patio, this easy project may be the missing piece in your lawn decor.

Stone is not the only option for your walkway, either. Gravel makes for a cheap but effective option, and wooden planks can also be used for stepping stones. A sand path can bring a Zen garden vibe to your backyard paradise, and dark wood chips would contrast strikingly with a grassy lawn. If you’re feeling artistic, colorful tiles can be arranged for a mosaic effect. Whatever your desired result may be, one of these options is sure to achieve it.

Hang String Lights

This trend may seem overdone, but a simple strand of string lights can immediately transform a bland space into a cozy one. A string of fairy lights wrapped around a wooden pole is a great way to get a whimsical vibe, or you could hang globe lights from a homemade pergola for a more upscale look. Even wrapping Christmas lights around the trees in your yard can be effective, and it has the added benefit of that holiday feeling all year round.

Outdoor decorations don’t have to be expensive to be effective, and even a small addition can make a massive impact on your space. An outdoor project can even be a fun activity for the whole family and take very little time to put together. Get out this weekend and transform your yard for the next barbecue. You’ll be sure to impress your guests with a space that uniquely reflects your personality.