What do custom rugs say about your business?

Nearly every brick and mortar company has custom rugs in their lobby. They are also strategically placed throughout the building. This common element speaks volumes about your business. Although you might not be aware of it, it is an important thing. Rugs can be made in any size and in any shape, as well as in endless colors. You can even customize them to your specifications. Let your rugs and mats tell you a lot about yourself.

Safety is a Priority

Slips and falls are still the leading cause of workplace injury. Fatigue, pain, extra breaks, and time off are all common side effects of standing for long periods. Your lobby rugs, whether they are your entrance rain mats or non-slip wet-area mats, show your commitment to making your workplace safe. You can swap out your floor mats depending on where you live or install a double mat system to keep the floors dry and clean. You will notice a significant improvement in safety if you upgrade or replace your mats and rugs.

Your Attention To Detail

While entrance mats are not unusual, custom rugs can be a great way to show your attention to detail. Your customized floor mats are a great way to build your brand, promote your business, manage crowds and add a creative touch of color to your overall design. You may be unsure which mat is best for you.

Show concern for your team

Although it might not be on your maintenance and supplies list, most of your team members have at least one previous job where they didn’t invest in high-quality rugs or mats. The rugs and mats you have in your building can make a big difference in safety, comfort, and physical fatigue. If you are yet to make the investment in ergonomic mats and safety rugs, it will be worth it. The increase in comfort will result in a rapid boost in productivity. Your team will be grateful that you have improved their working conditions.

Pride is a sense of pride

You can personalize custom rugs for businesses with your logo, tagline or graphics and text. A custom rug can be used for both internal branding and advertising. Think outside the box and have some fun with your designs. You might consider having different graphics for each season, or special mats for certain events. Your rugs can be used as part of a display. You can get really creative with them and have them custom-made to match your other POP. Don’t forget about exploring your options in different sizes.

Although commercial door mats may sound like a regular maintenance supply, they can be so much more when properly chosen and designed.