Making Your Garage A Flexible, Clean Space

Do you find your garage overwhelming? Is it serving too many purposes? Do you stumble over items or find it constantly dirty? Cluttered areas can be a source of stress and frustration. Rather than sigh and toss up your hands, take steps to alleviate the chaos. Here are four tips for creating a functional space.

Start With the Floor

Begin from the bottom up. As a main entrance for the home, the floor quickly accumulates dirt and stains. Without a barrier, the liquids aborb into the concrete and the goo accumulates. Consider adding elmhurst epoxy flooring. The sealant comes in several designs to enhance the room’s aesthetic appearance and is waterproof to help protect the ground.

Add Organizers

Designate stations for your particular needs. Place tools in one location and toys in another. Then, consider convenience and safety. Furthermore, invest in a storage system. This costs money but could save you time and headache. For example, overhead racks can lift up items that are not used very often, saving you from mounds stacked on the floor. For items used more frequently, purchase and install hanging organizers. These are useful for bikes, sports equipment, and toys. Grab them for use, and put them back when done.


Sometimes it’s hard to let go; however, if the space is crowded, it may be time to say farewell to some unused items. As you move things around, ask whether it’s been used recently. If it’s covered in dust, try to say goodbye. Donate it, trash it or sell it based on the condition.

Establish Habits

Garages become a mess when people don’t pick up. Try to write out a list of goals to assist in keeping the room tidy. First, after the lawn is mowed, use the blower to clean out the leaves and excess dirt from the floor. Next, work with family members to remember the new organization. When they finish with an object, have them return it to the proper place. Labels might help. In addition, you could also set a rule that everyone pauses for 3 to 5 minutes to evaluate the space before entering the house. Use that time to assess whether a section needs cleaning.

Yes, you probably can fit that car into the garage, the kids can do crafts and you can still have it clean. All of this requires planning and time. Kick your irritation to the curb. Instead, embrace simplicity and structure.