Solid Wood Dining Table Shopping Tips

Your dining table is one of the most critical set pieces of furniture in the dining room. Wooden dining tables are the most sought-after furniture owing to their unique combination of aesthetic appeal and excellent structural integrity absent in other materials. Solid wood dining tables are durable, easy to maintain, and are customizable to fit your exquisite interior design. Wooden tables really offer numerous advantages regardless of your dining table needs.

Whether your dining table is positioned at the side or anchored in front or center of your dining room, it serves the same purpose. Here is where you can hold family dinners, have conversations with friends over a cup of tea, use as a homework space just to mention a few functions. With so many advantages from a wooden dining table, you need to consider various points before settling for an ideal solid wood dining table in Singapore. Here are some pointers before you choose the dining room table design that defines your family’s style and character.

Available space

Before you hit the market, it is paramount that you consider your available space in the house. Failure to do so might result in purchasing a solid wood table that barely fits the dining room or a natural wood table too small that wastes a lot of your valuable space. Consider and measure the area where you intend to place the wooden table and get an idea of how you can best utilize it by choosing the right solid wood dining table in Singapore.

Solid wood table’s shape and size

Choose a size and shape that is in unison with your rustic style and purpose. For instance, round and rectangular shaped solid wood dining table in Singapore are typical and common. With the intended shape in mind, you can easily get an idea of how many people can comfortably fit around your dining space. With a round natural wood table, for example, you can fit in more people as you eliminate the corners. Following your preference, however, you can have the live edge slab custom-made to suit your elegant furniture style and match the rest of your home décor.

The height of a wooden slab

Most solid wood dining tables come in the standard height range of 28cm to 30cm tall while counter-height tables’ average 36cm and pub-style tables fall in between 40cm to 42cm. Sometimes, you may not factor in the appropriate dining table’s height, but its significance cannot be stressed enough. You need to consider who your primary solid wood dining table users are before determining the right height. For instance, if your natural wood dining table users are young children, you need a lower table that will not require tall chairs. For such a situation, tall chairs might cause difficulties for the children as climbing up and down increases chances of injuries.

Simple, yet important features

While shopping for an ideal solid wood dining table in Singapore, consider the additional perks such as an extendable table. With such a feature that creates the perfect solution for your dining room, you can extend the table’s size when you host more people and save space when the extra capacity is not required. Some wooden dining tables are also designed for small space and come with storage spaces.

Buying a wooden dining table is a significant investment that requires keen consideration. Whether it is for your outdoor or indoor dining furniture need, you can follow the above tips as you shop for the ideal solid wood dining table in Singapore.