How To Choose a Moving Service

Moving can be a stressful and time-consuming endeavor. There is the packing, ensuring you’ve packed so that your items are safe from damage, loading your belongings into a truck or trailer, unloading, unpacking and returning the truck or trailer you rented. To make this process easier and less stressful, it can be helpful to hire a moving company to assist you by taking care of some or all of these steps. But how do you decide which moving company to hire?

Look for Reputable Moving Companies

reputable moving company will be licensed and have insurance. The insurance plans vary, so be sure to talk with the moving company you are considering to ask about the details and what is covered under that plan. Companies that operate within the state have state requirements, while companies that move across states have different federal requirements.

Have the company do a walkthrough with you of the belongings it will help you move so you can get an accurate estimate and avoid unknown charges. Getting a written estimate is important, as is only signing completed contracts and documents.

Consider Moving Service Types

There are two types of commonly used moving services. One service is a mover, and it is authorized to pack, load, and transport your goods. Another service is a broker. Brokers are not authorized to transport your belongings, but will hire movers to transport them. You can search for different moving services homestead to see what service type is best for you.

Talk With the Company About Your Needs

Different companies will offer different services and prices, and some companies may be more flexible than others. Have the company do a walkthrough with you to get an accurate estimate, and discuss your budget and timeline. It will be able to assess what services are available to you based on your budget and timeline. Some companies will offer a start-to-finish service from packing all the way through unpacking, which is likely the most expensive option; some have the option of loading some items while you load others and pack and unpack; others will offer to transport your belongings while you do the loading, unloading, packing and unpacking, which can save you money. There are companies that may offer a combination of these services. Talk through your ideal scenario and see what options it offers and at what costs.

Whatever your moving needs, it can be a relief to remove some or all of the tasks associated with going from one place to another. Consider lifting some of the load off of your shoulders by hiring a moving service.