Factors to have in Mind when Choosing wood for your table

The debate on the kind of wood to be used for what furniture in your home is something that has been going on for a while. The criterion for this, however, is simple. Various factors come into play when you are selecting the wood to use for your dining table (furniture), and once you understand them, then things become much easier.


For some, whether the dining table adds depth and warmth or fits perfectly in the home is secondary to its durability. One thing you need to remember is that getting a quality table will not only cost you less in the long run, but it can also serve you for a longer time. If the table is made of cheap material, you might end up having to replace it several times and therefore have to keep picking different materials each time. So remember, how durable a table depends on the wood quality and the craftsmanship.

The material used

Getting a solid wooden table is what is preferred to getting a table made out of engineered wood. A solid wooden table means that the table top has been made from one piece of wood, and there are no additives to it. This type of table is known to last longer. It is stronger and has more intricate pattern finishes than the other tables made of a material like plywood. This is the one thing that will greatly determine the cost of the table you buy. For this reason, most people do not go for solid wood and prefer the cheaper low quality tables.

The cost of the table

Another thing that greatly influences the cost of your table is the type of wood that has been used to make it. Tables made from solid wood tend to cost more than tables made from engineered wood. This is due to the cost of planting the trees and the good quality of these tables. Such timbers have interesting grain patterns that cannot be replicated with the other woods.  You are also assured of getting table tops that are fire-resistant and last you long.

The general aesthetic of your home

Woods with natural grains and patterns influence how your home looks like. Most of these tables will have clear finishes, so these attributes are seen. This, in turn, will influence how the furniture in your home looks like. Put all these factors in mind when you settle on a type of wood for the table, so you do not have to change all your furniture in your home and décor to fit with the unit you buy.

When you think about it, a dining table might not seem like something to fuss over. You need to remember, however, that a signature table will greatly boost your style without saying a word. The same way you would spend time picking the right seats for your house is how you should be when it comes to choosing tables. This way, every piece in the home will look like it belongs, and nothing is out of place, inspiring the guests once they enter the house.