As the year is rolling and the world is bracing itself for summers and enjoying the cool spring breeze. However, things have already started to heat up in the design sector. Not only are this year’s best hues making their grand appearance, but design analysts are already planning to give their recommendations for home interiors for 2020. And great news for those who want to get a good head start on their home remodeling plans: the first major step is here. From various home remodeling platforms to experienced interior designers, we’ve gathered our data through millions of experts and homeowners who have shared living room decoration designs 2020, and we have curated a collection of eight home design trends for your living room likely to make it big in 2020.

  1. In the kitchen, the white theme has triumphed for, okay, eternally — and for a good reason. They’re classic, traditional, cool, and they fit great with almost every design. But this year, homeowners might only be ready for improvement. Though white counters and cabinets are still trendy with renovators (including 40 percent of remodeling homeowners adding them), there is much more to it among those looking for substitutes.  Prominent interior designer in 2020 suggests adding subtle colors, including subtle shades of blue and greys, as an on-the-go substitute for a white kitchen. Another choice for all those who can’t get apart from their white cabinets? Wood pops that can be installed through open cabinetry, countertops, storage boxes, and pull-outs.
  2. Whether it’s a relaxed Sunday brunch or a Friday family dinner, these days, meals seem to be served over casual arrangements, mostly in or around the kitchen. However, your formal dining room would deliver more than just shelf space for your exquisite china. This year, we shall witness homeowners viewing their dining rooms as the “cool” spaces they have the ability to be, with bright colors, designs, eye-catching light fittings, and works of art that do not match anywhere else in the home decor. An absolute dress to impress home decor thought.
  3. This one is worth reading (and following). For bathrooms turning more into a beautiful spa-like relaxation retreats at home, chairs, stools, and window benches have become more and more popular. Have one next to vanity as a spot to perch during your night-time skincare regime, or as a catch-all for robes, candles, magazines, and masks by the bath. Bathrooms, regardless of their per square area, should no longer just serve the purpose of well, a bathroom.
  4. In a bathroom, tile is also one of the strategies that builders use to achieve significant results at a low cost. But although you would expect to see it cladding across a floor or a shower, tile can also absolutely alter a bath as well. As per the new trends, this functional material is constantly being used to beautify a bath by using them like a tub apron, which brings elegance to the look of a professionally built-in fixture.
  5. Adding more to bathrooms, homeowners are constantly looking to titivate their basin areas with floating vanities. Cherished for their sleek, streamlined style, these modern favorites are functional for their ability to leave up floor space, which can build an impression of scale in a room with limited square footage.
  6. It seemed that if a homeowner decided to have that enjoyable little design, the default setting has always been the powder room. u(The pint-sized area is compact enough to accommodate large visions and seems distinct enough to operate with little separation from the rest of the hose.) However, these days, homeowners are searching for novelty in some other hard-working area: the laundry room. According to 2020 trends, designers are rapidly utilizing the workhorse to experiment with bright shades, quirky shapes, and unique style concepts, including chalkboard walls, pattern wallpapers, and innovative storage solutions. Something to make the job at hand a bit more exciting, huh?
  7. The washroom is not the only area that has been taken over by different designs, patterns, and textures. In the kitchen,  woods find their way to interesting areas, like over cooktops as decorative hoods. Along with the traditional farmhouse sink, warm wood highlights are the right complements for modern farmhouse-style kitchens.
  8. Even though homeowners are extending their imaginative reach to the laundry room doesn’t imply they’re neglecting the original decor ideas. Powder rooms, on the contrary, heading o appear much bolder. According to the trends, wallpapers are always the highlights in tiny powder rooms, with designers still preferring to completely cover the narrow space with a single eye-catcher, whether it’s a wide print template or a textural grass fabric.

Author Bio:
Naresh Prashar is marketing manager of E-Living Furniture, a leading online portal for affordable and elegant furniture for all types. Now a busy businessman, he loves to travel around the world and write on related topics whenever finds some time from his busy schedule.