3 Ways to Improve Your Wooden Fence

If you have a wooden privacy fence in your backyard (like so many who live in suburban areas do), you might have already assumed that it’s just a permanent piece of the property that doesn’t have much aesthetic value. But don’t underestimate the great design potential of a wooden privacy fence. Here are three ways you can enhance your fence and improve your yard’s visual appeal.

Pressure Wash It

More so than chain link fences Tallahassee FL, wooden fencing can be significantly improved in its appearance by a good pressure washing. Pressure washing isn’t difficult and can even be really fun, and it can create a clean, consistent appearance on your fence. It also serves as a great preparatory step for painting or staining your fence.

Paint or Stain It

Many imperfections in your fence can be covered over and hidden well with paint. Painting is relatively affordable and easy, and it isn’t hard to use paint to make your fence look younger than it really is. Staining is another great option for coating your fence, but it will offer a more subtle color change. And just remember that it’s a good idea to follow up after you finish staining with a couple of coats of polyurethane.

Cap It

Finally, adding a cap board to the top of your fence can do wonders for the appearance of your fence and your whole yard. Caps come in a variety of shapes and designs, and they afford you the chance to be creative in designing an update to your fence. They also add a bit of height to your fence, which is good for enhanced privacy.

Using any (or all) of these three methods to enhance your fence can yield great results for the curb appeal of your house. Not only can you impress potential buyers if you’re selling, but you can also make your yard a more enjoyable place to spend time for yourself and your family