How to choose the colour of your window frames

When investing in new windows, you might spend a lot of time thinking about the type of glazing to pick and the design of the frames, but neglect to consider how the colour will impact the aesthetics after installation.

To avoid making a poor choice, here are some tips to help you select the perfect hue for your new window frames.

Try to be timeless

There are lots of fads which influence the window frame market, particularly when it comes to colour. Of course, since this is a product which you can expect to adorn your home for decades, it does not make sense to choose a design on a whim which ends up looking dated a year or two down the line. It is much better to opt for something which both suits the type of home you own and also avoids being too trendy, since a timeless look will stand you in good stead more than a flash in the pan design.

Make your mark

The colour of the window frame can be used to either draw the eye of the observer or make it an unobtrusive, almost unseen element of exterior design.

Colouring also has a part to play inside, since the frames will need to suit the rooms in which they sit. Playing it safe and opting for white on the interior is a popular choice, allowing you to ensure that the windows do not clash with whatever decor choices you make. Darker tones can also make sense in certain scenarios, although a little more thought will be required to pick the right one.

If you are looking for dual colour windows Dublin based firms like can supply classic and modern designs that are not restricted to a single hue. It is also worth asking experts for advice to avoid making a mistake in your selection.

Investigate textures

Energy prices are on the rise and getting modern uPVC double or triple glazed windows is the best way to make savings – Thankfully, that does not mean you need to sacrifice the look and feel of traditional wooden frames, as texturing techniques can bring a vintage appearance into the 21st century.

Take frame colour into account when choosing a texture, since it can be easy to stumble at this final hurdle.