Five reasons to install secondary glazing

Secondary glazing is where a pane of glass is installed to an existing window, unlike double glazing, which is where a double paned window replaces an existing window.


The benefits of secondary glazing are to soundproof your home as well as offer better insulation and improve energy efficiency. If your home is listed, or a period style property, then secondary glazing is a good solution as well as being cheaper than double glazing.

Secondary glazing can be aesthetically pleasing and be fitted using slim, lightweight aluminium frames. It can also function as a regular window and open and close in the same way.
If you are quite handy and good at DIY, it is possible to install secondary glazing yourself. If you are looking for secondary glazed windows Dublin based companies such as offer a professional fitting service and can advise you on the best solution for your needs.


The cost of secondary glazing depends on the quality of glazing you choose and whether you want it mainly for noise prevention or draft proofing. Noise proofing requires a particular type of glass which is slightly more expensive, but very effective.

No planning permission

Secondary glazing can also be a good solution if planning permission is proving problematic for double glazing, as it doesn’t require planning permission.

Period properties

If you are keen to protect the original look and features of your home, secondary glazing offers you this flexibility. For example, it can be used with sash windows which are seen as one of the main attractions of a period property. However, these types of older style windows can rattle, especially in poor weather and have sometimes been badly fitted which causes draughts.

With a severe winter already hitting some parts of the UK and more cold weather being predicted, now is a good time to consider your glazing options and protect your home against the elements

Magnetic secondary glazing

There is another alternative to secondary glazing, which is magnetic secondary glazing. This is quick and easy to install and costs less as it uses magnets to attach to the existing window frame. The magnetic strips are self-adhesive and match the colour of the existing window frame, so if they are only needed in the winter months, they can be taken down and stored away during the summer.