What cannot be put in a Skip Bin?

The materials that cannot be put into skip bins are:-

Clinical Waste or Medical Items

The basic thing as a customer of skip bins, you should understand that the skip bins waste removal management have already specific bins for every different waste. So, before ordering for skip bins, you should take down a close check of your waste material. So, with clinical waste or medical items, there are ‘sharp bins’ to dispose of medical items. You cannot force them to take the waste with other normal garbage. The only reason behind this is that the medicines contain complex nature of chemicals which is unsafe to expose normally to the environment.


Asbestos is the most used material for the construction of the roof is at the same time hazardous to dispose of. It is very important to evacuate a place of asbestos after use safely. But, the second material that cannot be dumped in the skip bins is asbestos. As it contains harmful particles after being shredded, the Waste Management organizations strongly prohibit it. So, what you can do is, contact your local council body and ask them for the policies to dispose of your asbestos safely.

Old Style Cathode Ray Tube Television Sets

The third kind of article that the skip bins organization does not fill in their bins to dispose of is the curved screens Cathode Ray Tube television sets. These kinds of sets contain a vacuum which when put into external pressure while loading into the skip might explode resulting in the discharge of harmful chemicals. So, you should ask the local Council recycling Centre to make an arrangement to dispose of your CRT Television sets.

Cylinders or Gas Bottles

Even if the gas cylinders are empty, the skip bins waste removal organizations will never accept to load them in their bins. The flammable nature of the cylinder puts the bins into high risk of coming in contact with the air. So, the remedy for this is that you can take the empty cylinders to the local dump or take it to the retailer from where you have bought. He can either pay you for the empty one or can just take them and make an arrangement for dumping them or sell them to other customers.


As the skip bins ensure safe disposal of waste materials, they won’t take up any kind of liquid without checking them. The bottle might contain petrol or paraffin, so, it is not advisable even to pour the liquid into the atmosphere. So, drain the liquid from the bottle before throwing it into the open lands.

Apart from the above materials, car tires, fridges and freezers, fluorescent tubes and light bulbs, car batteries and gas bottles are not permitted by law for the skip to collect as in terms and conditions of contractors for  skip bin perth.