4 Household Areas That Need Annual Cleaning

Many people have a cleaning routine. You know to change the sheets, wipe down the bathrooms, and clean the floors (along with a plethora of other duties). While some of these occur daily, often it comes down to picking one day of the week to get the bulk of it done. These tasks, while tedious, provide a sense of satisfaction and provide a tidy home. There are some areas, though, that can be neglected, and, although they don’t need weekly attention, they should not be ignored.

The Driveway

Throughout the spring season, the pollen, rain, and dirt impact the driveway and fence. Hire a pressure washing company to spruce it up. This could reduce of any stains or mildew that has accumulated.

The Windows

It’s hard to get to the outside windows. You may not be touching them, but they do get cloudy and dirty. Once a year have a professional clean them. You’ll want to search window cleaning ponte vedra beach fl to find a company that can get your glass to shine again.

Steam Clean Carpets and Tile

Whether you vacuum daily or weekly, carpet collects dirt, dust and stains. General walking traffic can also leave carpet looking worn. Rent a carpet cleaner or have the professionals come in for the day and give it a thorough wash. This helps remove any irritants that may still be down deep. You can also attack difficult stains at this time.

Wipe Down the Baseboards

Dust likes to accumulate, and if you don’t wipe it off, it is unpleasant. Grab a wet rag or microfiber cloth. Use it along the boards throughout the house. This can get time consuming and tedious. If you have young kids, recruit them. First of all, they are low to the ground. Secondly, you can divide and conquer. The job could go much quicker.

These tasks may take time, but they could provide a sense of completion. You’ll know the house is a bit cleaner.